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Koffee - The little grey lion

Cats are adorable. Their luminous eyes, delicate paws and furry body can give anyone an instant heart-melt. Koffee ticks all these boxes. He is a British Longhair breed, which means he has a thick fur. If you ever see him, you’ll find he’s no different than a majestic little lion. His long, soft and dense coat makes him look rather royal. But in a weather so hot and humid, it gives Koffee a hard time.

On one such scorching hot summer day, we realised that Koffee could not bear the heat anymore. And with a heavy heart, we decided to get rid of the ‘fur’nace. The thought wasn’t pleasing at all, but it was the need of the hour. After being shaved, I remember how Koffee looked when he came back home. Parched, skinny and very unlike himself. But the happiness on his face couldn’t stay hidden. I’d never seen him happier. He was running around the house, meowing and jumping on my mother’s face as if showing us how thankful he was.

His new look wasn’t royal as it was before, but his boundless joy was all I needed to drive my guilt away. With or without the fur, my love for him wouldn’t change.

I remember another funny incident that took place a while ago. Koffee is toilet-trained. He knows exactly his spot of litter and also ours. And each time he’d do his job correctly, we’d reward him with dry food pellets as a part of his training.

Once Koffee kept asking for the dry food without giving us a reason to reward him. I made it clear to him that he’d get what he wanted only if he was done with the litter and at the correct spot. What happened next, made me roll on the floor with laughter. Koffee took my orders, went to the correct place, positioned himself and sat there. After a while, he got up and ‘hid’ the spot by scratching on the walls and the floor. Quickly, he ran and stood next to the place where his food is kept. When I went to check, there was nothing! On being questioned, he was clearly guilty. He slyly went back to the spot and this time he did it for real.

Koffee has been a part of our family since two years now. And he never fails to surprise us with his antics, every single day.

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