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Odin - The god of crazy walks

A stroll with your dog is a fairly predictable routine. You walk, he walks. You hold him on a leash. He will (attempt to) chase anything remotely mobile and within reach. But not with Odin, my Pit Bull.

Don’t go on his breed. He is probably the first Pit Bull to be bullied by everyone! And if you’re taking him on a walk, be prepared for anything and everything. One time, he jumped into an under-construction drain and, with complete disregard to our panic and anxiety, was happily splashing water with his paws.

The other time, when he was barely 6 months old and on a walk with me, he heard some barking noise coming from the bushes. Before I realized, he was off his leash and into the bushes. It was quite dense and was beginning to get dark. I could also hear many stray dogs barking from the other side of the foliage. I couldn’t help myself. I followed him.

I wasn’t able to sight him. I could just see the end of the leash moving from here to there. The bushes kept brushing against my body, giving me cuts that would lead to many sleepless nights. I didn’t give up. My resolve to find him was firm. But before I knew, I found myself on the other side of the bushes. I also found many stray dogs barking, but not Odin. I went back.

I called out to him again. This time, he walked out of the bushes. Unscathed. Not a single cut or mark on his tiny, furry body. My heart was still pounding in my chest. But Odin walked without a care in the world, as if nothing had happened!

If you ever meet Odin, cuddle him. Hug him. Play fetch with him. But don’t take him for a walk. You don’t need sleepless nights, do you?

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