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Romeo- The dog who lived to love

Looking back, I feel I didn’t chose his name. He did for himself. Nothing could describe him better in one word. Romeo. What we had was unique, an inseparable bond. I enjoyed seeing his smiling face. It was my first morning ritual. As soon as I opened my eyes, he would feel my energy and peek through the bedroom door. I always missed him when we were not together, which was all of a week during his entire lifespan.

What I adored most about my best friend is that no matter how tired, he was always the happiest dog on the planet. Always filling my heart with joy, sometimes peeing on my foot out of excitement.

When building such a strong relationship with our pets, we never imagine what our lives would be like when they leave this world. They are with us every day to the point we take their happy presence completely for granted.
He lived. He loved. He left me with memories that time can never fade. The days of Romeo will always be special and be remembered.

P.S You’re so Incredibly missed!

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