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Sasha - The Survivor

When every odd is stacked against you, the only thing that keeps pushing you is the indomitable will to live on. When I first saw Sasha, a playful 2-3-month-old stray pup, I never thought that he will teach me one of the greatest survival lessons.

I was taking a stroll near my house and sounds of heavy breathing by the roadside caught my attention. Sasha had met with an accident and was in pain. He was just lying on the ground, unable to move. I immediately rushed him to a local vet, who detected severe rib fractures. He told that he had fewer than 24 hours. I wanted him to live! The clock was already ticking. 24 hours. I took him to another hospital where the doctor advised that Sasha needs intensive care and would need a well-equipped and a bigger hospital.

I drove down 24 kms to a well-equipped and a bigger hospital. But they pretty much repeated what the earlier doctor said. My head hung in dismay. I was dejected. Confused. Scared. I looked at Sasha and his eyes urged me to go on. He wanted to live.

Three hours to midnight and I drove him to a government hospital. The doctors weren’t sure but promised to give their best. He was kept in an isolated cage. And treated with antibiotics and other medicines. He started healing. After 2 weeks, I was greeted with Sasha. Standing on all fours, furiously wagging his tail. I had witnessed a miracle! As soon as I stepped into the cage, he kept his paws on my shoulders as if hugging me!

He is now with me since a year. Every now and then I learn a few things from him. A few things about life.

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